Monday, February 2, 2009

Buddy-buddies from Kemaman

Yes, I come from Kemaman, the lowest part of Terengganu. If you refer to 'map of Malaysia', it's quite near to Kuantan, Pahang. Since 'it's quite near', my mummy 'always' give birth in Kuantan no matter how pain her stomach is **no choice, doctors in Kemaman lousy mar...**

Yes, there are LOTS of MALAYS in Terengganu ( >90%)
Yes, there are LOTS of Malay FOOD in Terengganu
Yes, there are LOTS of beaches (woohoo~~~)
Yes, there are LOTS of rich people in Kemaman (nowhere to spend money)
Yes, there are LOTS of SEAFOOD...(well, I eat lobster almost everyday if the season comes. wakakaka..)

Kijal beach

Since the amount of chinese in Kemaman quite small, we know each other quite me and my buddies have almost 20 years of friendship **ohno...20 sounds OLD** of course we know each other punye perangai quite well.

1st buddy - chiaYin

2nd buddy - yokeLi

3rd buddy - wanSin

4th buddy - kahFung

5th buddy - faFa

6th buddy - ahLong

guess who is this?? my sister (yinYan) of course.. damn ugly.
I can't even recognise her weh
**shh....I personally like this picture very much**

p/s: a harmony picture of me and my twin

looks like 2 perverts (-_-")