Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a recordist???!! Oh no~~~

Was having a concert snippet@Permatang Pelajar this afternoon. It was so funny that I was taking part in the band too~~~ BUT!! the problem is...... I had to play recorder!! You know what is recorder? The tube which has many holes and all of us were forced to learn during primary school time..remember??

I don't mind to play recorder actually as it IS a musical instrument anyway. BUT!!Another problem is....I only played 2 songs!! **I WANT MORE!!!** can you imagine that you just perform 2 songs with little cute instrument and people clap hands then go off like primary school girl?? **funny...LOL**

Don't you think french horn suits me more?? *haih......*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We are having SEXY sausage lips~~~

Having Jazz Band INTENSIVE camp now...

It's a tough training anyway.. practice from 10am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm, 8pm to 11pm.. EVERYDAY!! Crazy weh~~ It makes me can't go Langkawi, Hatyai and can't even go shopping since MEGASALES is waiting for me now!! Too bad that I'm playing french horn...

Opps...girls not always look fabulous when playing BRASS =P

French horn mouthpiece is very small if compared to other brass.. So it's tough to control the pitch and I have to keep on tighten my lips for the practices..**sigh**

So funny thing happens when all of us gather together and we all look like sausage lips gang!!

Undeniably we all have SEXY lips now..**especially the prominent dude in the picture** LOL

Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 things **siao cha bo** did in Cambodia

1. Angkor Wat

This is a MUST!! I found out SLR is the most common thing here... So it's just a small case if you are using normal camera. **better dump it and look for SLR (or maybe a professional one??)**

2. Shooting

Shooting in Cambodia is CHEAP!! **this is what I heard from my friend** 40USD per gun with 30 bullets. See....I chose AK47 which I think the coolest!!
I thought I can show off when coming back, who knows my friends all said 'oo...I played before la dude....' (sienzz)

3. Khmer FoodZzzzz

Amok (fish + coconut milk + curry) is the most famous local food in Cambodia but it's not my favourite (because of the smell I guess). Khmer food is not spicy at all. It does look hot, but taste sweet.

4. Night club in Phnom Pehn

Another MUST!! You can watch dramatic showZzz without paying any tickets!! There are sooo many handsome foreigners in club.. of course, there are many prostitutes too~~~
We saw how the hookers seduce handsome dudes by pulling their clothes downwards to show off their cleavage and showing their ass cracks as well.. Lots of fun over there. **too bad I didn't bring my camera that time**

5. Duck fetus

Only 1200 Riel you can taste the most disgusting food in Cambodia!! Of course I did!! **woohoo~~**
I was so excited when trying this!! But the egg we ate was only the 10th day I guess as the duck was not fully formed yet. So it's not so disgusting, only can see feather, brain and beak. Yeah, it does taste GOOD!!

6. Insect

It was sooo difficult to tell Tuk tuk driver that we wanna try out insect. I had to draw grasshopper out at last **luckily my drawing wasn't bad**
Not much choices, only crickets, cockroaches and spiders. Say NO to cockroaches!! Don't know why Cambodians like them so much. Say NO to spiders too...I cant imagine if the fluid coming out from the body when chewing it. At last, cricket is the most friendliest one. We couldn't even finish ONE cricket. Super duper DISGUSTING!! **somemore its wing was stucked in my teeth...**

7. Exotic Food

This is common. We found out it's easy to find crocodile and sneak meat here. So you can tell the crocs and snakes ' I just ate you!!' right after the meal. Yummy yummy~~~

8. Baguette

Cambodia used to be monopolized by French. Thus, Baguette is their 'roti' instead of toast. Frankly speaking, I love Baguette here so much and I don't mind if everyday starts with a Baguette in Malaysia. hehehe....

9. Go Toilet

Toilets in Cambodia are very CLEAN. No smell, dry and free entrance fee. Before come back to Malaysia, we tried to go toilet as often as possible =P

10. Profile Pictures

This is the most important thing to do in Cambodia! There are lots of frames, staircase and vantage points to take profile pictures. My profile picture not bad right? **chuckles**