Saturday, January 17, 2009


No doubt, I'm quite good in sports..and of course I represented Bakti Permai for SUKAD **although I'm staying outsite..shhh...don't tell anyone ya**

Well, my team made it into quarter-final..**we are not bad actually..hehe**
But the thing is, we were too nervous since our opponents are Jaya from engineering campus!! Rumors said Jaya is strong **as they've been training for MONTHS, unlike us, WEEK (please notice there is no 's' after 'week')**

double with Caren

However, we got 2 win and 2 lose, got to depend on the last match

She could win actually, too bad..kan cheong mar....
Some more my darling YunnYee said we didn't plan properly, not our fault at all also...hehehe. **saja want to comfort herself**
Everything ended up in quarter-final, not that bad though (-_-)

YAY~~~ me on newspaper!!


Woohoo......on newspaper AGAIN!! **what to do?? glamour mar =P**
Can see me?? opps...the pictures are too small...too bad they used pictures during rehearsal..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspiration needed !!

This afternoon, I went to wetlands to collect samples.. While waiting for my lab partner, I found out that the view from the wetlands is not that bad actually.

**Please ignore the sewage tanks**
I like the tree on the left, seems like the tree in the indian

Meanwhile, I did nothing (-_-) Suddenly there are sooooo many questions came across my mind..

When can I finish my final year project??
**don't feel like going to school anymore..sienzzz**
Should I pursue my study??
**my lecturer asks me to do master everyday..sienzzz**
Where to work??
**Penang or KL?? or Terengganu...?? sienzzz**

I still don't know what to do after grad but there is one thing I'll do..TRAVEl!! **wink wink**
yet, another question.. go where?? sienzzz.....
my sister asks me to go USA on august friend asks me to go another friend asks me to go Vietnam, my roomie asks me to go Europe..
WOW!! I don't have so much money ler........T_T

Better stop thinking now, focus on study first.................

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jazz Band concert 2008

I know this is a bit late for writing this concert, but when I recall about the concert just happened 1 week++ ago! Not too long ago la...

Can see our attire? Long sleeves white blouse + black pants + bow tie.. President said we have to look like Bond, but I could only see waiter and waitress :S whatever...since we had to change clothes in second half. jazz band t-shirt + white pants..
**I would rather stick to the 'waitress' attire, look more formal =P **

uncle Ray
**Luv this uncle so much!! Hyperactive!!**

Guest players

There is one thing I need to clarify over here. Many of my friends commented aggressively on my mouth movement while playing french horn.

'ugly movement'

I know it was soooo obvious and not fabulous. I had to because I have to keep my lips wet all the time so that I can play better in terms of pitching problem. But I didn't realize that I did it so many times!! **malunyer~~~**

We have to make GOOD music mar.......what to do........

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year new dreamZzzz....

My dreamSss....

1. Car

8C Competizione
like this car for no reason, coz of its outfit I guess...RED!!

2. Camera

Canon Powershot SX 10IS
Going to be mine soon...muahahaha

3. Fashion clothes

**image copied from**
Girls ma~~ fashion is always number 1!!

4. French horn

I've surveyed already..RM8800. **anyone who wants to give me for free??**

5. Money

tell me who doesn't like money **except mother teresa**