Saturday, September 27, 2008

FFF 08

Know this?? This is a brochure of FreedomFilmFestival 2008 (26th-28th Sept@Wawasan Open University). I found this event is quite interesting for me. It provides a medium and opportunity for us to think about the current issues by making some sort of documentary film. Human rights is the main thing they discuss about. I attended this event yesterday night but not much people there **quite sad la...i thought there will be a lot of handsome dudes**... Anyway, i went there to watch a short film only **to fulfill my curiosity**
Well, in the short film, they brought out the issues of indelible ink. Why the government canceled the usage of this although they had spent few millions to buy the ink? **don't ask me for the answer, i don't know the exact answer also..please ask Pak Lah**
Actually I want to go on Saturday and Sunday sessions.. But got no company. Buzz me if you guys are interested. hehe......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I don't want to write this blog actually..but roommates + housemate request me to write about them in my NEW i have to do so la...although i'm tired right now..(they all wanna be infamous i guess....*chuckles*)

We went to play basketball in N-park this evening..surprise???? hahahaha...frankly speaking, i didn't touch basketball for 10 years already..long huh?? I had to stop playing when i was standard 6 as my mom said 'Your calf will be very muscular!!' Anyhow, my calf are muscular..**sob sob**

Fortunately, my skill wasn't bad..still can dribble, shooting ok ok la, and my passing always good..LOL. So, this is me..

I think my pose was a bit awkward, but anyway, i shot in..hehe. See...there were 2 dudes running..what a surprise, i didn't expect they were caught in this picture..i wanna be SOLO!! =P

Ok, this is my housemate.

I like her..can learn a lot of foul words from her..jk. Cool but stylish girl.

My 2 stupid but hillarious roommates. To caren and trinna: I love you!!

Attn: For anyone who is interested in these 3 hot chics, please get their contacts from me.


That day, i stumbled on a food blogger (abbr: flogger) 's blog which introduced Penang local delicacies. One of his recommendations was Mee Goreng Sotong. Actually it's nothing special about mee goreng, but Mee Goreng Sotong is special! So, me and my dearest roomie wanted to have a tryout. The location is not so complicated, very easy to go if you follow my map bellow:

A bit messy huh? i was trying to make it simpler..LOL. well, if you use Jelutong Express Highway, just go straight till you see a big big clock at the roundabout, then park your car at the nearby parking lot. The food court is right in front of Ford Cornwallis.

The picture looks nice right? It's only RM 3.50, got sotong on the top also..**slurp**
This is the best Mee Goreng Sotong that i've ever tried. Long queue, have to wait. But the taste is just nice, the portion looks small but i felt full after i finished it.
BUT....the thing is....there are sooooooooooooooo many Burung Gagak flying above our heads!! they were trying to steal some food to eat! so better finish the food as fast as
p/s: Ohya, forgot to tell, the place is at Esplanade..hehe.

Another place that i'm gonna introduce is Mixed Pork Porridge!

There are a lot of food stalls in front of Sunway Hotel at night. I'd tried out many, but i just love the porridge.

5 bucks. It's worth i think, got liver, illeum, char siu etc. delicious!!

At last, CHAR KUAY TEOW...........................
you know the most famous char kuay teow in Penang right? located at Lorong Selamat, HENG KUAT cafe.. (just wonder why most of the shops at Penang are called Heng Huat, Seng Huat, Sun Huat......) Anyway, this char kuay teow is....................okay for me la...since i dont like char kuay teow. But then the prawns are very big and fresh..!!

Guess how much it is? 5 bucks...... it will be 8 bucks if u want MORE prawns........................

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's about me, a pancake lover (i'm quite disappointed, as it's kinda hard to find a nice pancake shop here), a girl who is swirling around in chemistry field, and......a french horn girl (although not playing very well, but..i LOVE it).

**i jz simply like this song, 9 cellos with a piano eh**

Well, the pianist is the composer of this song, Joe Hisaishi. I think he is famous with the songs of some cartoons (animations) which directed by Hayao Miyazaki likes The Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, The Moving Castle etc. My Neighbour Totoro is the most famous one i guess, people used to call it 龙猫. not bad!!!