Friday, October 31, 2008

TuTu Car in Cambodia..

Yay~~~ I'm going to Cambodia this November!! I told my friend who had been there few months ago and he gave me this card...

TuTu car driver's contact

I was a bit shocked when I read it. The phone number is our country's number with the address in Cambodia!! It's awkward! Can you imagine that I have to call back to Malaysia whenever I need a Tutu car in Cambodia?? Somemore it's maxis *sweat...*

But at last I found out that there are only 9 digit numbers while we have 10!! hehehe......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

say BYEBYE to mr.Thief

I'm shifting out!! with Caren.. (from Lengkuk Sg.Dua to Hamna). It's a good thing as I don't need to worry about the break-in cases anymore. **chuckles**

This is the room we chose. It was an empty room actually and we went to buy furniture to fill it up. ** $$$ flied -_-" ** The furniture is quite cheap, can you see the price?? Not bad.. Say THANK YOU to Furniture Fair..hehe

I don't know why we have so many stuffs. 20 boxes + 10 bags + miscellaneous. I think i have to stop buying stuffs here, I cant imagine how I'm gonna move the stuffs back to my hometown after my graduation. **maybe I should find 10 boyfriends to help me up, have to start hunting**

But anyway, we managed to squeeze ALL the stuffs into our room eventually.

It looks stuffy, but not messy. At least I don't need to put 5 locks on my door and I can put my laptop everywhere.. **laughing**

BYEBYE mr.Thief

Monday, October 20, 2008

funny 'Jakun' -- stupid believes

One day,

Jakun : Oh my God~~~~ Can you see the rainbow??
Me : Yea... very beautiful!!
Jakun : Wait.. I gotta get some sands.
Me : What for?? (Puzzled)
Jakun : My mom said if you rub your scar with sands and make a wish, your scar will disappear!!
Me : .......................

Another day,

Jakun : Oh my God~~~~ I feel itchy on this shoes!!
Me : You are wearing new shoes?? Biasalah....
Jakun : I think my shoe is biting me, I have to go toilet for a while.
Me : Huh?? You wanna bite it back??
Jakun : Yeah!!!
Me : $#%*@#$@
(Can you imagine that a girl biting shoe in toilet?? NO WAY!!)

Another day again,

Jakun : Oh my God~~~~
Me : What happen??
Jakun : A lot of my eyelashes had dropped!! I guess many people miss me now....**chuckles**
Me : Why said so??
Jakun : My mom told me...haha
Me : wtf !!
What if too many people miss you? I think your eyes will be super duper scary then..
Jakun : ...............**speechless**

Sunday, October 19, 2008

LovE letter...

My love letter from my maybe-BF:







Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Effing SPANNER !!

Hey~~~~ you know what..............

An Effing Spanner was stucked in my car tyre!! I don't know how it pierced through my tyre, I don't know who is the idiot who left the spanner on the middle on the road and I really don't know how to change tyre!!

But since Trinna offered herself to help me up (she said she OBSERVED people did that before) but ended up......nothing!! (don't trust Trinna next time) But Caren managed to elevate the car by elevator. So, no choice. i had to call my friendZzzz in my phone list. Luckily there was a guy and a girl came help nice!!

But anyway, my friends all came. I'm so touched **sniff sniff** It's like a small tyre-changing gathering. LOL

The next day i went to tyre shop and i found out the spanner is quite long!!

Remember!! Don't ever abandon your tools on the road!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

-- in Jail --

Some break-in cases had happened in my place area. Few weeks ago, my housemate's laptop had been stolen and it happened in the afternoon!! Caren saw his back but no point (tak kan lah she goes and reports to the police and police asks her to recognise the suspected thieves' back through the mirror..). Then few days later, I heard my neighbours' laptops hilang too......and the most serious is the recent case. The thief intruded my neighbours' house and stole few laptops, cellphones and cash!! According to my friend's friend's friend, the thieVES went in through the balcony with their master key (which can open any doors), and the next day they found their stuffs disappeared MAGICALLY. sounds SCARY huh...

Since it happened just few doors away, so my roommates and I intended to take some precautions so that the thieves will take longer time to break in our room.

Five difficulties!! muahahahaha.....

But it seems like we are staying in jail la... **sweat**

p.s: Please call the cops if you need help 04-2691999 or 012-4900999

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Borsch Soup~~~~~ Yummy....

Well...I don't cook, I seldom touch kitchen utensils and I hate cooking. But i don't know WHY i cooked today. Maybe i was too bored, or maybe I was craving for Borsch soup. Anyway, what I must say is....I really have the talents in cooking!! (thanks to my mom for giving me such a nice genes..) But in fact, everyone knows how to cook especially CHEMISTs (as long as they have the recipe).
Okay, these are the materials I bought from Tesco:

Cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions, carrots, tomato sauce, tomato paste and MEAT

According to the recipe, we must fried the onion and don't know what what what (i forgot the steps already). For me, I just throw everything into slow cooker.

This is soooo wrong. I shouldn't put sooo much vege. It was overloaded!

But somehow, the vege shrank and everything was just nice. Finally my Borsch soup turned out like this:

Overall : 5 star
Look : 4 star
Taste : 5 star
Comments : 'It's so delicious!' (from Caren)
'It's just like the soup in the restaurant!' (from Trinna)

See, I told you,I'm talented.............................**evil laughing**

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nightime Acitvity ---------> with condoms

Let's introduce my final year project first. I have to 'date' with sewage water at least twice a week (actually i'm not willing to do so..who wants to sweet talk with sewage water?!), sort of waste water treatment. So, this is my constructed wetland.

It's located at Aman Damai, you know the place where many middle east people live? It's over there..seems like an abandoned place and haunted!!
**i hate ghost**

Ermm.....He is my FYP lab partner. Oh.....WenDa.... a very nerdy and crappy person...Frankly speaking, i don't like him. He always come out with sooooo many reasons to throw the duties for me to do. See...even his face also looks awkward in this picture..LOL. ( WenDa, no offence k??)

Actually this place is used to be opened for our convenience to get inside and collect samples month ago,

The gate was locked!!! We didn't know WHY...but the fact's locked! (the padlock is quite big also). Then we were told that Unit Pembangunan people locked it as they found CONDOMs over there. I don't know where, but i think this is the only place they can throw.

Yark!! Disgusting~~~~

I wonder where they XXXX in this messy and dirty place..A, B, C, D?? or maybe they brought mattress and did on E?? hehe...