Friday, October 23, 2009

Story of little lazy Penguin

Been quite lazy these days after started working in Shah Alam. I started to use one hand to eat, use foot to pick up things I drop and even crawl on the floor instead of walking!! Precisely speaking, I'm cultivating a sinful sin on my own..deng.

I thought of playing violin few few weeks ago, after playing 2 very emo songs, I noticed there was nobody seeing me play soooo hard (I played with eyes closed summo u know), then I switched my channel to magazines...Secondly, I thought of playing squash during weekend, then I took out my squash racquets which fully covered with spider webs and dust (can see haze when I blow on the racquet case), but ended up shopping after received calls (which we all girls call it an exercise in air-conditioned hall). Luckily the third thought was successful! Thank God, me and my twin went swimming in the nearest swimming pool which is like 20km++ away from my house. (far-nyer...) but somehow I could only swim 50m in a shot now (with lousy free-style stroke). and I miss EvanQ (my ex-life saving instructor).

Anyway, I wanted to write a blog about my recent life in here, but I found nothing in my 'recently added pictures'!! **astonish+holly expression** oh my gosh!!! I've never taken any photos in months!! I quickly went and checked my camera if it's still in good condition or not, is there any little pieces get rusted or what.. and started flipping through my clothes in wardrobe and thinking which clothes to wear for the next photo-shooting. it's a bit exaggerating, but I seriously like shooting. Somehow I lose my spirit and urge in doing this when I look at my own photos (not that nice lar..) So I just dump my blackie DSLR to aside and sayang it back with guilt after few months.

-act cute of the day-
*just wanna share my dumb dumb and foolish photo of me*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

little penguin on the board

Yeah Yeah Yeah!! I'm staying in Shah Alam..
mmm.....working in Penguin company..HAhahahaha
Our company lays baby penguins lor...HAHAHA. nah lah...produce powder paint!!
Ok lor....colleagues are nice =)
.......... some documentation stuffs, color-matching and all that. eyes also quite blur sometimes after seeing so many SAME colors (@_@)
U KNOW WHAT!! my company full with OLD MEN...OH MY GOODNESS!! How am i supposed to find my the other half for the rest of my life??!!! grrrr......
hahahahahha..hope so
k lar...byebye =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

say NO

Stood on the balance
and I found the reading is approaching 50!!
guess I'm getting tonnes of FAT molecules in my body

keep saying this to myself:

no more candies
no more choco
no more cake
no more cookies
no more dessert

wish it works....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Narcissism kills people...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i have bruises on my legs
i have a scar on my shin
i have mosquito-bites on my calves and thighs

but i'm HAPPY

at least
i can feel the pain
i can feel the tiredness
i can feel the sleepiness

yes, i'm still ALIVE !!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A letter


I'm very sorry to say that I'm leaving you soon..
It's hard to describe what I feel now..
I had fun and tasted nice foods on you within these 3 years..
Still remember I pissed you off that day and you cried for a few nights(storms)..hahaha
Sleep with you everyday with sweet dreams..
The memories still fresh with me..hope they won't fade away..
Don't forget what I've done with you..
I'll visit you once in a while =)

With Love,

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Hate U

I know this pic is nice but
obviously it is not taken by me..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Tik Tok Tik Tok
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Reading notes (1 sentence)
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Looking around
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Tik Tok Tik Tok
Tik Tok Tik Tok

**ok ok**

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


yinyee is singing....

chasing pavement - adele
thinking of you -katy perry
break the ice - britney spears
hatin' on the club - rihanna
day dreamer - adele
if u seek Amy - britney spears
can't speak french -  girls aloud
brown eyes - lady gaga
first love - adele
high - james blunt
happy ending - mika
again again - lady gaga
byebye - mariah carey

yinyee wants to sing:
saving all my love to you - whitney houston
i will always love you - whitney houston
hero - mariah carey
if i were a boy - beyonce
all by myself - celine dion
halo - beyonce

*voice turns out too husky*
give up

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

confession of YINYEE

yinyee is not pretty (arrggghhhhh.........)
yinyee is not cute (definitely!!)
yinyee is not sexy (some degree which i canot reach)
yinyee is not adorable (not chubby at all)
yinyee is not perfect (anyone who is perfect in this world?)

yinyee is confused (in everything..)
yinyee is indecisive (in choosing
yinyee is inferior (height =_=)
yinyee is unfashionable (wardrobe has shirts only)
yinyee is dumb (sigh......)

yinyee wants to move on (by driving car 100km/h)
yinyee wants to be heroine (superman!! here i come~~)
yinyee wants to lose weight (pretty prettie)
yinyee wants to get attention (i wanna perform!!)

yinyee wants CUPCAKES (hehehe.....)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out of Prison..soon!!



Monday, March 30, 2009

the sweet escape

Arrgggghhhhh................................ can't believe I'm blogging now!! wtf
Yea..obviously I'm super duper triple free!! wtf
Busy doing nothing at home and I'm gonna freak out!! wtf
Headache coz nothing to do, everyday face the laptop,browse here and
I miss my hectic moment..................ish ish

I'm emotional lately..
Don't know why..
Get frustrated so easily..
Maybe PMS or
Maybe get stumbled by 'something' which happened last week..

Still remember how long I took the time to nudge him in msn that night..
He asked me what I want..
I don't know what I want..
and I don't know what he wants..

Scare to think back..
That's why I wanna go KL..
Like a refugee........................

Monday, February 2, 2009

Buddy-buddies from Kemaman

Yes, I come from Kemaman, the lowest part of Terengganu. If you refer to 'map of Malaysia', it's quite near to Kuantan, Pahang. Since 'it's quite near', my mummy 'always' give birth in Kuantan no matter how pain her stomach is **no choice, doctors in Kemaman lousy mar...**

Yes, there are LOTS of MALAYS in Terengganu ( >90%)
Yes, there are LOTS of Malay FOOD in Terengganu
Yes, there are LOTS of beaches (woohoo~~~)
Yes, there are LOTS of rich people in Kemaman (nowhere to spend money)
Yes, there are LOTS of SEAFOOD...(well, I eat lobster almost everyday if the season comes. wakakaka..)

Kijal beach

Since the amount of chinese in Kemaman quite small, we know each other quite me and my buddies have almost 20 years of friendship **ohno...20 sounds OLD** of course we know each other punye perangai quite well.

1st buddy - chiaYin

2nd buddy - yokeLi

3rd buddy - wanSin

4th buddy - kahFung

5th buddy - faFa

6th buddy - ahLong

guess who is this?? my sister (yinYan) of course.. damn ugly.
I can't even recognise her weh
**shh....I personally like this picture very much**

p/s: a harmony picture of me and my twin

looks like 2 perverts (-_-")

Saturday, January 17, 2009


No doubt, I'm quite good in sports..and of course I represented Bakti Permai for SUKAD **although I'm staying outsite..shhh...don't tell anyone ya**

Well, my team made it into quarter-final..**we are not bad actually..hehe**
But the thing is, we were too nervous since our opponents are Jaya from engineering campus!! Rumors said Jaya is strong **as they've been training for MONTHS, unlike us, WEEK (please notice there is no 's' after 'week')**

double with Caren

However, we got 2 win and 2 lose, got to depend on the last match

She could win actually, too bad..kan cheong mar....
Some more my darling YunnYee said we didn't plan properly, not our fault at all also...hehehe. **saja want to comfort herself**
Everything ended up in quarter-final, not that bad though (-_-)

YAY~~~ me on newspaper!!


Woohoo......on newspaper AGAIN!! **what to do?? glamour mar =P**
Can see me?? opps...the pictures are too small...too bad they used pictures during rehearsal..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspiration needed !!

This afternoon, I went to wetlands to collect samples.. While waiting for my lab partner, I found out that the view from the wetlands is not that bad actually.

**Please ignore the sewage tanks**
I like the tree on the left, seems like the tree in the indian

Meanwhile, I did nothing (-_-) Suddenly there are sooooo many questions came across my mind..

When can I finish my final year project??
**don't feel like going to school anymore..sienzzz**
Should I pursue my study??
**my lecturer asks me to do master everyday..sienzzz**
Where to work??
**Penang or KL?? or Terengganu...?? sienzzz**

I still don't know what to do after grad but there is one thing I'll do..TRAVEl!! **wink wink**
yet, another question.. go where?? sienzzz.....
my sister asks me to go USA on august friend asks me to go another friend asks me to go Vietnam, my roomie asks me to go Europe..
WOW!! I don't have so much money ler........T_T

Better stop thinking now, focus on study first.................

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jazz Band concert 2008

I know this is a bit late for writing this concert, but when I recall about the concert just happened 1 week++ ago! Not too long ago la...

Can see our attire? Long sleeves white blouse + black pants + bow tie.. President said we have to look like Bond, but I could only see waiter and waitress :S whatever...since we had to change clothes in second half. jazz band t-shirt + white pants..
**I would rather stick to the 'waitress' attire, look more formal =P **

uncle Ray
**Luv this uncle so much!! Hyperactive!!**

Guest players

There is one thing I need to clarify over here. Many of my friends commented aggressively on my mouth movement while playing french horn.

'ugly movement'

I know it was soooo obvious and not fabulous. I had to because I have to keep my lips wet all the time so that I can play better in terms of pitching problem. But I didn't realize that I did it so many times!! **malunyer~~~**

We have to make GOOD music mar.......what to do........

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year new dreamZzzz....

My dreamSss....

1. Car

8C Competizione
like this car for no reason, coz of its outfit I guess...RED!!

2. Camera

Canon Powershot SX 10IS
Going to be mine soon...muahahaha

3. Fashion clothes

**image copied from**
Girls ma~~ fashion is always number 1!!

4. French horn

I've surveyed already..RM8800. **anyone who wants to give me for free??**

5. Money

tell me who doesn't like money **except mother teresa**