Friday, October 23, 2009

Story of little lazy Penguin

Been quite lazy these days after started working in Shah Alam. I started to use one hand to eat, use foot to pick up things I drop and even crawl on the floor instead of walking!! Precisely speaking, I'm cultivating a sinful sin on my own..deng.

I thought of playing violin few few weeks ago, after playing 2 very emo songs, I noticed there was nobody seeing me play soooo hard (I played with eyes closed summo u know), then I switched my channel to magazines...Secondly, I thought of playing squash during weekend, then I took out my squash racquets which fully covered with spider webs and dust (can see haze when I blow on the racquet case), but ended up shopping after received calls (which we all girls call it an exercise in air-conditioned hall). Luckily the third thought was successful! Thank God, me and my twin went swimming in the nearest swimming pool which is like 20km++ away from my house. (far-nyer...) but somehow I could only swim 50m in a shot now (with lousy free-style stroke). and I miss EvanQ (my ex-life saving instructor).

Anyway, I wanted to write a blog about my recent life in here, but I found nothing in my 'recently added pictures'!! **astonish+holly expression** oh my gosh!!! I've never taken any photos in months!! I quickly went and checked my camera if it's still in good condition or not, is there any little pieces get rusted or what.. and started flipping through my clothes in wardrobe and thinking which clothes to wear for the next photo-shooting. it's a bit exaggerating, but I seriously like shooting. Somehow I lose my spirit and urge in doing this when I look at my own photos (not that nice lar..) So I just dump my blackie DSLR to aside and sayang it back with guilt after few months.

-act cute of the day-
*just wanna share my dumb dumb and foolish photo of me*

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Raphael said...

ooi......penguin........update la